We have a unique situation here at home. My whole entire yard is in the shade, all day, everyday, 365 days a year. Great for the heat/air bill but not so much for photos. I have a “sun” room or 3 season room……it only gets brighter 15 minutes out of the day. I have 2 huge oaks in my front yard, an equally large maple and oak in the backyard, the property behind my house is a greenway filled with trees and the neighbor has a giant sycamore tree. These trees are 75 – 80 feet tall. Outside I have a 30 minute window of opportunity to grab a shot or two. This is one I grabbed of my granddaughter Lily on Saturday after her soccer game.

This next one is the only light during a 15 minute time frame in the house. This is Mia and Tim the turtle.


Sunday Scrap

Ink on my fingers and I love every minute of it. I had forgotten just how fun this could be. Two years is a long time to put a hobby in hibernation but it sure is exciting to get my hands dirty and learn new things in the process. I love my silhouette and have been cutting lots of goodies for my LSNED album. I have a few pages constructed but realized that it will take longer than the 30 days to complete. I am a slow scrapper, I am not at a lack for ideas its just that I love the process and see no reason to hurry the part I love. I find it very soothing so it is a bit of a let down when a page is done.

Here is a picture of one of the pages in a semi state of completion.

This is a smashbook from K&Company, papers are from Basic Grey, the surrounding the journaling is old Making Memories, the other is paper from MME-moments, Echo Park-For the Record 2. I cut the badge from a set on the Silhouette site also from Lori Whitlock (designer of the Echo Park Papers) and the number is a grouping I made from the Bookman Old Style font at 3/4in. tall cutting a whole lot of 1’s & 2’s LOL!!! I have been inking edges using my distress inks from Tim Holtz and Ranger that I love!!!

In weight watcher news, I am on program this week being mindful of writing it all down, no matter what. Apples are really yummy this year. It must be the stress of the heat that has concentrated all the sugars in the fruit. Wine growers say that the grapes do this when they experience warmer than normal temperatures. I have been loving the dark grapes because they have been the sweetest.

Have a great week!

I have few skills on the computer. I can type, email, work in photoshop digi scrapping (thanks Jessica Sprague), edit photos somewhat, but as far as working in word or excel…………it ain’t happen’in! I get so frustrated I pull out my hair. I have been trying to print out my journaling from here, my blog, or just trying to get it in a word doc and then edit in photoshop with a really cute dandelion brush in aqua with a 50% opacity. Well I learned that you can’t do that, that I need a program to enable me to change a word doc to a pdf, that that process wasn’t working, that I would have to print my background and run the paper back through and print the text. I know there is a way to do what I want but I have yet to figure it out and am afraid it will take a good bit of research to find out what I need to know. The problem is I “don’t know what I don’t know”. I finally have the ability to change a word doc. to a pdf. so my Saturday wasn’t a total waste. I am just going to print out this weeks journaling and then I am going to SCRAP!

The In Between Time

So I was up bright and early today, not something I am normally in the habit of but for the last month of keeping a schedule it has really been a gift. Take for example this morning, I was up and out of the shower by 6:30 dressed and ready to leave the house at 9:00 for my WW meeting. So with all this time on my hands and not wanting to eat for drink before weigh-in (its bad WW juju) I came down to my craft room and turned on the computer and came straight to this class. I read the prompt with some dismay because my life has been a time waster for over a year. Nowhere to go, no one counting on me for anything other than support and sustanence so my days pretty much blended one into the other with everything becoming fuzzy and quite truthfully not much getting done. So I did something today that I haven’t done for over a year. I got up and didn’t put on the TV right away and pulled out all my lovely goodies to play and craft my journal some more.

Then I noticed that I had time once arriving to my meeting and that it is such a jolt of energy and positive thoughts to have a chance to visit with everyone more fully, trade great recipes, or share great finds online or at the local grocery. We are each others cheerleaders and I found myself being grateful for the in-between time of my schedule. It feels fantastic to have a goal or mission or direction for the day.

My Journal for class

This is the journal/scrapbook I made for class. I am having a great time using new products with old. The smashbook from K&Co., papers from MME in 6×6 pad ( a 1st for me to purchase), bakers twine from Martha Stewart (found at T.J. Maxx for $1.99), and images from my Silhouette by Lori Whitlock and Kerri Bradford. I am using all sorts of rub-ons in my stash for images and quotes and my new Thickers. It has been a great time and I hope to share more as the week progresses.

I am a daily living fly by the seat of my pants kind of person. We too are retired and have way too much time on our hands and watched days meld into days until I looked up and there was snow on the ground and I could have sworn I had just pulled out the shorts from storage. I was longing for some structure that my daughter has helped provide. She went back to work part time so now I take care of my 2 year old grandson, Logan, Tues.,Wed.,& Thurs. for 6 hours a day. Then I signed up for this class along with 2 Silhouette Classes at JessicaSprague.com. I am finally getting my desire to do something more than sit in front of the TV all day long and have rediscovered my scrapbook stash, my counted cross stitch projects and my knitting needles and crochet hooks. My camera has been fully charged and I have been taking more pictures. I am more in tune with my life than I have been for over a year when I retired. I can’t “officially” retire (according to the US govt.) for another year and a half but at least I can spend my time more productively.

Long term goals have me planning like crazy. I have researched places to move to for weeks now and have 6 perfect places on the list and 3 on the “short list”. I am planning garage sales and online sites to list our stuff for sale. I am downsizing and planning on how to decorate each apartment and what furniture pieces I want to alter. So I can be all things I suppose due to my Gemini sides. I am just happy to have a goal to work toward.

My Greatest Teachers

Todays prompt was a chance to stroll down memory lane. I was thinking about influential teachers in my life and came down to 4 who have touched me in some way or another and then I thought of one more that was a negative. This one clarified that we are lucky to have wonderful teachers in our lives and that we should celebrate them.

1. Yvonne Craig Gower is not a teacher in the way we often think of first. She was my dance teacher! She was my sanity in my young life when things at home became a bit of a mess ending in a divorced family. She taught me that practice is the best way to center myself, forget the ugliness and strive for the beautiful that is dance.

2. “the Librarian” I never really knew her name. She is in the same time frame as my dance teacher and they are inner connected. Her looks were imposing and at the time just a bit over the top. In the late 50’s early 60’s she would have her black hair in a french twist, her painted on eyebrows arched to perfection, her blood red lips matched her nails which resembled talons but her heart was soft. She recognized me as the lost soul that I was and that I was a rabid reader not sticking with the childrens books all of the time. She went out of her way to find me little treasures to read because I think she knew deep down that it was my escape form the turmoil in my life.

3. Miss Directo was my 7th grade English teacher. It was very exotic to learn she was married to a “Hawaiian” and all that that envisioned in my productive imagination. I thought he would burst into the room shirtless, long wrap skirt with a lei around his neck and break into dance. But back to Miss Directo who once again was in the time frame of the turmoil of my life. She taught me the love of literature and I looked forward to Fridays when she would read aloud from the classics and would encourage us to explore these authors. One particular read was really spooky. We entered the classroom with the room totally dark except for the desk lamp on and pointed at her reading material. We listened as she read the Tale Tell Heart by Edgar Allen Poe complete with sound effects using her file cabinet to mimic the heart beat. I since went on to read Poe, Whitman, Dickins Steinbeck, Buck and all the others…what a gift she gave.

4. Miss Kennedy. She was my Sophmore Government teacher and was there for back to back classes on the subject. She was a short squat woman that packed a punch to handle all of the “slackers” in her class. She packed a boyfriend that was the most gorgeous Italian man I have ever seen and she intimated that he was “connected”. She never had to worry about anyone questioning her authority. Aside from this she brought to our attention information I had only just discovered in the Diary of Anne Frank that I had read at an earlier age. I loved the book but didn’t have a context for all of this. That is until Life magazine had an article complete with pictures of Treblinka a Nazi concentration camp. I could no longer go along in a world that I thought of as just what was around my physical location but she taught me to see beyond and to question and explore and research the information presented to me to form my own opinion and to take a stand. She is the reason I taught my own children about the atrocity and the reason that my youngest daughter picked that very subject for her history paper that received such a high grade that they are using it to teach a section in there classes.

5. Elva Morrow is a teacher that should be ashamed to call herself that. My daughter was unfortunate to have her not only for 4th grade but as one half of a teaching team for 6th grade. My daughter has ADD and as such we had to find a teaching style that would help along with my getting on my imaginary cheeleader outfit (complete with pompoms) and repeating over and over, “you can do this” and encouraging her as much as possible. She was making A’s and B’s until we moved across the state and she got Miss Morrow. At parent teacher conferences two weeks after getting there the teacher informed me that she was going to “knock her off of her I can do it pedestal”. I was flabbergasted and that is what she did…….the grades went in the tube and she struggled from there on out. Others had also experienced the same but as a tenured teacher in a small town…..you get to keep your job no matter how bad you do.

So luckily I had great experiences in my growing up years and can spot a bad one a mile away! Thankfully there aren’t that many!