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So today I started off thinking about the phrase “Happiness Is” and came up with my defination. A totally tidy home (so that we banish chore guilt), fresh from the farmers market produce in a yummy crunchy salad, followed by lovely sauteed shrimp in butter & garlic with a hint of lemon, an afternoon spent crafting, thrifting or reading topped off with a glass of my favorite adult beverage. Then again…..this afternoon I got my hair cut and colored, ate out (not the shrimp) but fast food, went shopping at my favorite scrapbook store ( the only one left in the area) and then came home and continued to shop online. I think I am done but both were in my happiness quotient!


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Keepin’ things simple!

In trying to organize to keep it simple I sometimes run over myself and take on too much at once to keep it simple. Case in point, I am moving upstairs with all of my crafty bits and was not making much headway. I would flit from one place to another….trying to clean up the new room (clearing out all of Mias stuff) and trying to scrap and organize the mess on the desk. Something had to give. Scrapping for the moment is on standstill with my LSNED supplies now in a basket neatly put away so that I can wisk it to my desk when I get it moved. Everything is ready to grab and move now except…..here I go again…..I have to move the old computer to the closet along with my small TV to my room, fold up the folding table (for overflow) then bring up all the crafty goodness. So keepin’ it simple is easier said than done. It would happen beautifully if I would get out of my way!

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As I have stated on here before I am taking Learn Something New Every Day from Shimelle.com. We are over half-way through and I am loving every second.

Now I have won a class from aliedwards.com on cardmaking

This should be a busy but exciting time. I can’t believe how jam packed the card class is…and that I won!

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Lazy, Lay Around Weekends

Weekends have meant different things to me at different stages in my life. When we had the children home full time it meant that weekends were a jumble of sound and motion and busy bustle rushing toward getting ready for the week ahead. Then when the kids slowly dwindled out of the nest weeks and weekends were a blurred line that didn’t have any structure or purpose. One day looked like the next…I was a stay-at-home mom turned empty-nester and had nothing but time on my hands. I didn’t like that so much and was grateful for the opportunity to go to work. It provided structure so that I could have something to look forward to instead of experiencing a blending of time so deeply as to obscure one day from the next. My weekends then were Sunday and Monday which worked beautifully one day for fun and the next to fulfill appointments and other obligations that couldn’t be done on Sunday. Then I was back to the obscurity of one day melding into another for a couple of years. Now that I watch my grandson 3 days a week, it gives more structure to my life and amazingly I get more things done. I especially love Fridays now because I look at this day as my “warm-up” day to the weekend. This is the day that all of that fiddily bit of housekeeping gets finished to clear the weekend for more fun. Now that I am back to scrapping I find weekends are for photographing, scrapping, and attending any number of fun things going on around town. My observation on all of this is that “structured weeks leads to more enjoyable and productive weekends”.

I managed to go to Lily’s soccer game on Saturday…..they won and she scored the last 2 goals. Pretty impressive for this 9 year old dynamo. Can you tell I am proud!

Then the rest of the group went to the Ren Fest in Bonner Springs amongst all the faries, knights, and huzzah! I hope to go sometime before Columbus day. Then I managed to get in a little shopping, got a ATG at micheals for $19.99…..SCORE! Also got 2 entries in my LSNED journal. I need to take pictures and post but it is a long drawn out process and I am loving every minute of it. There is still something missing on the 2nd and I have to figure it out. I thought that I would be using the same products for all 30 days…………boring. After 2 I was ready to switch it up so in order to keep things cohesive I am printing all journaling, making a badge for the number on the pages, making a day of the week identifier and carrying turquoise throughtout one way or another. Along with bakers twine and lots of silhouette usage, it should flow easily without boring someone to death (mainly me). So I am finally up to working on day 5 in the smashbook and trying to loosen up and embrace a new way of scrapping, think grouping, and not so much old school. Let’s see where this takes us.

The picture below is the dedication page of my journal

This is my first page:


The 2nd day

I know this needs something and I am still trying to figure it out. I also caught that the letter B in Buck is missing its secondary layer…..gotta fix that.

3rd day

4th day

5th day

  This one is just a single page and I think I like it like that. I have mixed up my style a little and I still have a few things to add to this page. I like that I used the Heidi Swapp file folder from my stash and the paper is older from AdornIt. The chevron envelope is from Amy Tangerine.

The 6th day

  This is totally different for me trying to do the clustering that I see on others pages and that I love….lots to learn here.

I am hopefully going to get my new silhouette mats soon…..the cutter is starting to chew up paper and spit it out in a not so good way. So this is where I am so far only 10 days or so behind…..I should catch up over this next weekend hopefully. Stay tuned!

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Autumn is in the Air!

I actually had to turn on the heater in the car this morning to get the chill off. I love this time of year (spring too!) and since I am on a weight loss program I notice this time of year through food. Now is the time for stews, soups, warm yummy casseroles, hot chocolate (sugar free) pumpkin spice lattes, and one of my favorites “pumpkin fluff” served with thin and crispy gingersnaps. I think my internal clock knows when this time of year shows up without having to check a calendar because I get the urge to re-arrange furniture or move my craft room from the 3 season porch to the smaller guest room. I have a burst of energy in this weather and can get more done than in the oppressive summer heat. There is just something in the crisp fall air that carries the scent of fallen leaves wet with dew and the faint smell of smoke from those homes with woodburning fireplaces. I can get my cashmere throw, a hot cuppa, and a good book ( my kindle fire now) and have a perfectly lovely time on my own “wasting time”.

The colors of the season are so warm and inviting and call for some great decorating opportunities. I am looking forward to making something to decorate my lantern with on my dining room table…..maybe glittering pumpkins?

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Thoughtful Mistakes

The one mistake that I am going to take is one I am also planning for as weird as that sounds. I am preparing to hand my house back to the bank in about 18 months. I have weighed and am still pondering the ramifications of this bold action. I have listened to the financial experts who have been telling people who are underwater in their mortgages….way deep, to walk away. Now it goes against everything I have been taught but feels oddly that this is the right thing to do. We are at an age and stage in life that we need to move on to somewhere that has maintenance taken care of, cheaper expenses and peace of mind. These are consequences that we are willing to take. This is not set in stone as of yet but I am making plans just to be ready in case.

I have been thinking about this for some time and wondering if this kind of a decision comes from me being in a good place emotionally or if I just don’t care at this stage of my life. So many things have changed over the last few years and I find myself chasing the “dream” less and less. Instead I try to find the joy in the mundane and everyday. I try to create something everyday even if it is just to move stuff around on a page or to take more pictures, cross stitch, or knit. This is what life is supposed to be about, how we treat each other, and how we exist in this world.

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We have a unique situation here at home. My whole entire yard is in the shade, all day, everyday, 365 days a year. Great for the heat/air bill but not so much for photos. I have a “sun” room or 3 season room……it only gets brighter 15 minutes out of the day. I have 2 huge oaks in my front yard, an equally large maple and oak in the backyard, the property behind my house is a greenway filled with trees and the neighbor has a giant sycamore tree. These trees are 75 – 80 feet tall. Outside I have a 30 minute window of opportunity to grab a shot or two. This is one I grabbed of my granddaughter Lily on Saturday after her soccer game.

This next one is the only light during a 15 minute time frame in the house. This is Mia and Tim the turtle.

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