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I confess to being lazy and just plain forgetful about posting to this blog I created eons ago. I love to read others blogs and have my favorites I go to time and again to get inspiration, design ideas, or just to feel like we are sitting around the kitchen table with our beverage of choice chatting like old friends. I do lead a most boring life, just taking care of this mid-century tri-level that is slowly becoming an albatross around our necks. We are like most in this country, in over our heads financially due to no fault of our own except being a bit naive and believing those in the banking world about ethical practices surrounding mortgages.

I know that most of you under the age of 40 won’t believe it but we have never had to have a down payment on any of the homes we have owned. That is one of the perks of having the G.I. Bill to buy houses backed by the US government. That and buying owner financed homes. Just haven’t had to have that much money up front.  So we naively believed all that they “sold” us on buying a home, that and buying it with one of our children who has now moved on so we are stuck with more than we can afford. Now we really have to watch our pennies……….enter the world of couponing.

I started couponing over 4 years ago before the “extreme” show came into being. I had a small (repeat small) stockpile and luckily lived off of the body wash and shampoo until I started back couponing 6 months ago with a vengence. I took off actively seeking the deals for about 2 years or so and then when “the show that will remain nameless” started and I saw what they were doing it made me rethink my haitus and start again. It didn’t take long to see the greed surface as well as couponers who had no idea of what they were doing or practicing coupon etiquette. Now I am quietly rebuilding my stockpile to a modest level and I am not as frantic as coupon “newbies” are and can wait for the sale cycle to come around again and not panic.

As the proud grandmother of 4 I try to help get the deals for my daughters and their children. I am getting pretty good at diaper deals. So here is to the hope that I can keep this up and remember to post about what I see, hear and feel. It might be disjointed because my interests are varied but I think this is going to be a way for me to keep in touch with how my life is going.


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