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I am signed up for 4 courses over the next couple of months and it is a busy time.  I am doing Jessica Spragues Holidays in Hand, and over at Renees website I am doing Album Magic which I am loving with Anna Aspnes and Collage with Renee.  I am unable to post my projects over there for some reason or other so I will post on here.  Much easier and it forces me to keep up with the blog. This is the first of many I will be doing.  I just changed the fonts and tweaked the placement of the journaling and title…..moved it just a bit.  I will move this around and re arrange the picture etc as I go along and add more to my heritage album.  I just wanted to jump in and get my feet wet so to speak.  Have a great day and try to do something for yourself.


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Missing In Action

It has been busy and I have been ignoring this blog for over a month…..my bad!  I have gotten a new job and have been training and now am working on the call center floor.  I come home really tired and late at night and just forget to post.  I will attempt to remedy that situation and try to keep up during the holiday season.

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