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Well I have traveled to the darkside and have now created my very first digi-scrapping layout. It was made extremely easy by using the mini-album templates created by Lizziejohn from JessicaSprague.com and a kit from CStephens and stitches from Michelle Colemans Bohemian Summer collection and the font is Marcelle. This is my granddaughter Lily. She is the first but not the only grandchild. This kid is spooky smart and is a joy. I am off to create more from this template kit and capture the other two grandchildren in a little mini-album. I am thinking this would be a great gift for the great grandparents this Christmas. Have a great day and I will be back with more.


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Well today I have done the Unthinkable. I decided that it was time to take my SD card from my camera and to insert it in my computer and download the pictures I had on it. Now mind you there weren’t too many, maybe 50-60 of various things including my grandkids. I picked the ones I didn’t want and then pressed the button that would clear my card. Yep, you guessed it, I had only highlighted one picture, the last one, and the others were deleted. So for those of you out there, never, never, never, delete the files from your card until they have all successfully been transferred to files on your computer then delete them from the camera.

I have been playing around with photo editing and will be posting pictures this weekend of what I have been up to. I am also going to try my hand with digi-scrapping a mini album kindly provided by my friend Lizzie. We’ll see what happens.

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Starting out fresh with a new look (soon to change as I learn how to customize) and a new blog hosting site, I have transferred from another site that for me was hard to learn and even harder to hook up with others that share my interests.

I have just finished a class at www.JessicaSprague.com on making digital brushes and I was enthralled to say the least. Jessica has a way of teaching even the most techno phobic (raising my hand) among us. The easy video classes really allow us to move at our own pace and to hit the “rewind” button as many times as we need . The beauty of taking classes at this site is that they are available to us for LIFE!!! The Brushabilities class as well as the photo editing classes are really stretching me and allowing me to create in a medium that heretofore was beyond my reach. She makes it so easy and like I like to say, she talks to me like a kindergartener (soft and soothing) in her explainations and even allows me a cookie. Add to that a really warm and caring group of people who hang out at the Spragueground and you have a website condusive to creating and sharing.

Well that is enough for my first post. I will be sharing photos and hopefully lots more as time goes on.

Have a great day

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or how to pull your hair out in 1000 easy steps. I have been trying to create a blog topper that I am happy with and I’m not there yet. This attempt is the closest I’ve gotten so far. It is amazing how much I don’t know and how intimidating only 736×229 pixels can be. I am proficient in doing 12×12 layouts and the standard 8×8 or mini book. Just don’t give me tiny amounts of pixels and wee bits of knowledge to go on. It is for certain there are more classes in my future at JessicaSprague.com. I have lots to learn and even more questions. In fact I don’t know how much I don’t know, so this should be interesting.

It has been a lazy Sunday afternoon around here and 1 too many donuts. I try to limit my intake of these because they just eat up the points and make it harder to stay on program for the rest of the week. I love eating big bowls of fruit that is partially frozen with just the tiniest bit of sugar and a non-fat whipped topping as dessert. Now that is point friendly. All of my Weight Watcher buddies are helpful in passing me recipes to satisfy the sweet tooth in me.

Have a great rest of the day all and I hope to be back here sooner to post.

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I am up late trying to renew this blog so that I will have somewhere to post all the lovely things I have been learning.  I never thought I had a “geeky” side to me but surprise surprise I got really excited about being able to buy an EHD. And the fact that I know what those initials mean is astounding.  The best place on the web in my opinion (and thats all that is important at this moment) is JessicaSprague.com .  I have learned so much there and it is without a doubt the warmest and most helpful website out there.  They don’t treat my really dumb questions with disdain, but they answer them quickly and with lots of great information and in a lovely caring manner.  In other words they talk to me like a kindergartner and give me a cookie to boot!  I need to be talked to in that soft soothing manner as I try to navigate my way in the digi-world without pulling my hair out and lacing on my “I love me” jacket.  So if you want to learn Photoshop, digi-scrapping, photography or just chat with like minded individuals then head on over there and get acquainted with all of us (and Jessica might have a cookie for you too.)

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