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I am back!

I have a new computer finally. One that will allow me to do so much more in the coming days that I am really excited. I had taken a class at Jessica Spragues site and we got the opportunity to do a lot of heavy journaling and some digi scrapping. I must say I am hooked and want to learn more. The only problem was that it was taking an hour and twenty minutes to load 4 papers onto the template….man that was making me mad. I was ready to throw my computer out the 2nd story window. So I am excited to have a new canvas in which I can add all of my goodies in an organized way. Lets face it, I am still a little computer illiterate and there is so much I need to learn but I have advanced past, e-mail, surfing and downloading so that I can do so much more.

I am looking forward to learning more about the Adobe program that I have and am curious to find out what Vista has to offer. I am impressed that I could download drivers for the Silhouette I have and it works. This is huge for me people……I think computers still scare me a bit…..afraid I am going to break something. So now I am set for a new adventure and hopefully will be able to blog at a regular pace.


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